Heavy World – Events & Media – is the international company, the leader of the event industry in the sphere of heavy lift and oversized cargo transportation.

Starting from 2009, we have been successfully holding conferences devoted to transportation and installation of project loads in Germany, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Iran. We have established efficient business events in promising developing markets. Apart from conferences, our team creates unique projects we can be truly proud of.

We are taking the leading positions in the media market of project cargo logistics. Our projects include:

– HEAVY TEAM is a children’s book on oversize transportation published in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. Total circulation is over 20,000 copies

– HEAVY BOOK is a hard cover presenting information about the most impressive projects from all over the world. It is issued in the Russian and English languages with a total circulation exceeding 12,000 copies, published twice a year.

– HEAVY MAGAZINE is focused on heavy and oversize transports and is published in English once a year, the circulation count reaching 3,000 copies.

– HEAVY MAGAZINE RU is the only edition about shipping and installation of heavy lift and out-of-gauge loads in Russia and CIS countries. The magazine is published in the Russian language twice a year and its circulation hits 3,000 copies.

In the year 2015 we have produced the third largest magazine in the world – its height is 180 cm, width – 120 cm and weight – 100 kg. Project website:

We are active in social media, as today this is the quickest way to communicate information and advertisement to a final recipient. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts are the most popular in the world (in the context of project logistics). Thousands of users view the news distributed by our company on a daily basis.

Very soon we will present a video to song «OVERSIZE». We are sure that this is going to be a real hit, the original anthem of project transports. We are also developing a table game and a computer game.

We create memorable and one-of-a-kind projects which will leave their big mark and take a rightful place in the information space of the project logistics world. We do our best to develop and implement unusual, daring and large-scale projects worthy of your unique business.

We have come to this market with a fresh approach and interesting ideas and we have come to stay
Welcome to Heavy World!