• 19 October 2017
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On October 19, 2017 the 6th Conference “HEAVY CASPIAN” took place in Tashkent. Within 6 years the Conference has become the largest industry-related event in the Caucasian and Central Asia region. This Conference is held annually, but this year it took place in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, for the first time. There is a good reason for the new venue. For the last 9 years more than 600 strategic projects have been executed in Uzbekistan, including construction and refurbishment of oil, gas and power-generating facilities. In 2019 perspective, Uzbekistan plans to implement 900 more new projects in the industry, with a total of $41 billion to be absorbed.

This year the Forum gathered over 120 delegates from 17 world countries: Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The event was sponsored by FESCO, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Instar Logistics, COMETTO and Turksib Magistral.

The Conference was opened with a speech by Uzbekneftegaz elaborating on priorities of oil and gas industry development in the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2020. The report was followed by details of state regulation of outsized and heavy freight transit and condition of highways and bridge structures in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Of particular interest to the delegates was the report by the Association of Customs Brokers of Uzbekistan. Khalida Usmanova, Chief Consultant of the Association, told about particulars of customs regulation of oversize and heavy haulage in Uzbekistan.

Best practices of project transportation in Central Asia countries were shared by representatives of Instar Projects, ALE Heavylift Kazakhstan and Ibrakom FZCO. Taking the floor, Lyudmila Melnikova, Head of Railway Transportation Department of A.R.T. Business Group, highlighted aspects of railroad delivery of project freight to Central Asia countries from China. The final speech at the Conference was made by Wondernet Express Tashkent stating potential of logistical support of freight flows to Afghanistan.


Cargo owners

Gazprom International (Representative office in Uzbekistan)

  • Rashidov Dilshod, deputy Director
  • Nazarov Azizbek, chief specialist

LUKOIL Uzbekistan operating company

  • Yegorenkov Dmitry, head of logistics Department
  • Simagin Igor , manager of logistics support for capital projects


  • Saidov I., chief mechanic


  • Chan Gennadiy, Director
  • Azarov A., head of Department


  • Khairullaev H., deputy Director for transport


  • Bakhodyrov Alisher, head of innovation and localization Department
  •  Faiziev Anwar, head of logistics Department and rigging-up operations


  • Parmanov M. D., head of Department of Mechanical Engineering & Special Machines
  • Akhunov  B. V., chief specialist of Department of Mechanical Engineering & Special Machines
  • Jabborov N.U., lead engineer of Department of Mechanical Engineering & Special Machines
  • Zhalilov, O. N., engineer of the 1st. cat. of Department of Mechanical Engineering & Special Machines


Transport and logistics companies

A.R.T. Business Group (Kazakhstan)

  • Lyudmila Melnikova, head of railway transportation office
  • Aliya Mussina, CEO

Agility Logistics (Kazakhstan)

  • Azydova Victoria, head of the operations Department

ALE Heavylift (Kazakhstan)

  • Ali Yoldashov, CEO

ARK LOGISTICS (Uzbekistan)

  • Jurabek Razzokov, CEO

ASSTRA Forwarding AG (Belarus)

  • Kapuza Irina, specialist in oversized cargo

Caspian Cargo Services International Transport Agency (Kazakhstan)

  • Moroz Denis, deputy Director

Caspian Jibek Joly (Kazakhstan)

  • Baimukhamedov Gaziz Chokanovich, CEO

CF&S Estonia

  • Tiit Arus, CEO
  • Margus Nõmm, railway transport, sales

Deugro Projects (Russia)

  • Evgenia Genkina, deputy CEO
  • Leonid Vershinsky, representative in Uzbekistan

DHL FREIGHT  Kazkakhstan 

  • Vladimir Khan, managing Director


  • Marco Leineweber, CEO

Eurasia Transit (Kazakhstan)

  • Denis Chernov, commercial Director
  • Ni Vasiliy Vasilyevich


  • Konstantin Melnikov

FESCO Transportation Group (Russia)

  • Yarullin Marat, head of sales Department
  • Reyter Mikhail, sales Director in Europe
  • Denis Pavlenko, representative in Uzbekistan

Garant Trans Express (Russia)

  • Ganaev Andrey, CEO

GEFCO Kazakhstan

  • Ashuraliev Emil, CEO

Great Silk Road (Turkmenistan)

  • Igor Tuliev, Director

Ibrakom FZCo (UAE)

  • Altug Sozalan, Chief Operating Officer
  • Timur Nakkas, Director of Bid Management and Proposals

IbrakomFZCo (Uzbekistan)

  • Ravshan Fazilov, head of representative office
  • Elena Kanarskaya, operational manager
  • Behzod Yunusaliev, on-shore senior project coordinator

Instar logistics (Russia)

  • Shelkov Aleksandr, General Manager
  • Mamykin Alexey, head of business development (Downstream) NIG
  • Fomin Dmitriy, project Manager
  • Evtushenko Evgeniy, advisor to the CEO

Jenty Moscow (Russia)

  • Panov Bogdan, head of the oversized cargo department
  • Alexandra Rotkavich, project Manager

JV “Transit” (Belarus)

  • Stepushina Tatiana, oversized transportation Department
  • Alexander Gorbunov, cargo transportation specialist


  • Gafurov Kamil, CEO

Keen-Mark group (Russia)

  • Lindstrem Aleksey, head of the project Department
  • Kramnik Stanislav, CEO of TECHNO MARK

K-transgroup (Kazakhstan)

  • Ataybekov Samat

Mainstream Logistics (Russia)

  • Kuznetsov Artem, Director
  • Sergey Fedorov, technical director
  • Fedorov Pavel, director for Transport

MBM-Trans (Russia)

  • Mochaluk Pavel, deputy CEO
  • Mochaluk Yuri, CEO

M-GROUP (Russia)

  • Eghiazaryan Sergey, CEO
  • Yeranosyan Ani, Executive Director
  • Nedoseykin Alexander, head of project logistics Department

Militzer and Munch (Russia)

  • Mikhail Underov, head of project logistics Department


  • Urvan Oleg, head of the project Department


  • Aldabergenov Kurmangali Muratovich, President

ORIENT  Logistik Ltd. (Uzbekistan)

  • Farhod Yunusaliev, project Director

Pentagon Freight Services Ltd (Russia)

  • Sergey Zabedilin, business development manager in the CIS region

Pfaff  Logistik RUS (Russia)

  • Sirotenko Oksana, Deputy CEO
  • Minkova Ksenia, CEO

RG Group (Belarus) 

  • Marina Yuntsevich, head of oversized cargo Department

Rhenus Intermodal Systems (Kazakhstan)

  • Almetov Nigmatulla, head of the project Department


  • Ragesh Raghav, sales Manager
  • Izteleuov Azamat, sales Manager

Sepehrun Tarabar Int’l Transport Co. (Iran)

  • Mohammad Zokaei, Director

Silach Transbaltic (Russia)

  • Korshunov Sergey,CEO
  • Gefel Denis, commercial Director

Technowest ltd.(Kazakhstan)

  • Min Konstantin

Terminal Logistics Services (Kazakhstan)

  • Iskander  Jurabaev, regional representative

TIS Group Ltd. (Russia)

  • Alexander Ivanov, CEO

Transasia Logistics (Uzbekistan)

  • Kamil Ernazarov, Deputy CEO

Transit (Russia)

  • Petrukhin Vyacheslav, CEO

TRANSIT-M (Russia)

  • Moskvin Sergey, Executive Director
  • Moskvin Igor, Director

Transport-expedited company «NevaSpecTjazh» (Russia)

  • Chumak Alexander, CEO

Turkmen Ak Yol (Turkmenistan)

  • Vladimir Takhiyev, business Development Manager
  • Arsena Zhamkochyan, commercial Manager

TURKSIB Magistral  (Uzbekistan)

  • Jean Aidarov, CEO
  • Volodina Elena, deputy CEO for Business Development
  • Mamadaliev Dilshod, deputy CEO for Motor Transport

Üçtut  (Turkmenistan)

  • Oraz Allagulyev, deputy Director
  • Gayipniyazov Shaguly, deputy Director

Ultima (Latvia)

  • Svetlana Vorontsova, Director

Volga-Don Transservice (Russia)

  • Tolochyok Oleg, Director
  • Ivantsov Sergey, deputy  Director

Volgo-Baltic Logistic (Russia)

  • Evgeny Goldin, CEO
  • Zubakov Vitaly, deputy  CEO
  • Kostylev Yegor, project Manager


Airlines and aviation brokers

Air Charter Service Kazakhstan

  • Mukashev Maxim, Broker

Jet Line FZE (ОАЕ)

  • Kulavsky Mark, sales Director

Volga-Dnepr Airlines (Russia)

  • Andrey Gulyaynovsky, head of the Transport Services Development Department


Shipping companies


  • Alexander Sochin, head of fleet operation Department

River Sea Management Co. (Russia)

  • Yanishevsky Boris, deputy CEO  for safety of navigation and prevention of  environmental pollution
  • Anna Konysheva, sales Manager


Manufacturers of machinery and equipment


  • Elena Mautina


  • Elena Fadeeva

Gidrolast group

  • Romanov Ivan, sales Manager

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft (Germany)

  • Raimund Loechle, area sales Manager

Kargotek RUS

  • Sergey Derevitsky, sales Director

Nooteboom Trailers B.V. 

  • Olesya Gommers, export sales


  • Baryshov Denis, CEO
  • Petrov Igor, financial Director

Teci Rus

  • Smirnov Maxim, leading specialist

TIIS (Russia)

  • Radke Albin, CEO

TransLift Technique (Russia)

  • Evgeny Demin, CEO


Global Partner
Media Sponsor


Due to the large number of participants (over 110 delegates and the list increases every day) we have to postpone the conference to a more spacious conference room. Unfortunately, the conference room of the Ramada hotel can’t accommodate all our delegates with comfort. So the conference will be held at the International business center IBC in the “Navoi” conference hall (located on the 7th floor of the building).

Address: Tashkent, Amir Temur Ave, 107B, “Badamzar” metro station (green line), website – www.ibc.uz

The Radisson Blu hotel and Hilton Tashkent are located in immediate proximity to the conference hall (in the same complex with a business center). On the same metro line (green line) are such hotels as: Wyndham Tashkent, Uzbekistan Hotel, City Palace Hotel Tashkent, Hyatt Regency Tashkent, Grand Mir Hotel.

We understand all the difficulties of moving the conference and excuse us for the inconvenience, but it is necessary for Your comfort on the day of the conference. Please accept our apologies!

For residents of the Ramada hotel will be organized a free transfer to the venue of the conference. Please, advise us if you need a transfer!

Adress: Tashkent, Yunusabad, Amir Temur Ave, 107B

Telephone: (+998 71) 238 58 34

Thank you for registration for the conference.

Within one day,you will receive an email with payment documents and information about theconference.

Fill outiHeavy application form to communicate between participants at the conferenceand during the year!


Link to Googleform questionnaire: https://forms.gle/iZnUZgcNxgTN61gq5

Link to Yandexform questionnaire: https://forms.yandex.ru/cloud/646f896a2530c205c9830544/


Afterfilling out the questionnaire, you will receive a link for application and anaccess code within 5 working days.

We alsoinvite you to take part in the main oversized conference in CIS countries onNovember 18-19, 2024 in Moscow: Heavy Russia 2024

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